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To keep your vehicle running at peak performance, we provide undercar services that include:

Anti-Lock Brakes
The anti-lock braking system, or ABS, prevents the wheels from locking up by modulating the brake pressure whenever you need to make an emergency stop. Without this system, the wheels would not be able to effectively maintain traction with the road while braking. Should the anti-lock brakes fail, you are at greater risk for multiple vehicle crashes and run-off road crashes. To avoid this risk, have your anti-lock braking system inspected and repaired by experts. At Craig Auto Repair, our expert technicians can examine and repair your ABS to help keep you safe.

The brakes in your vehicle are used for slowing and stopping your vehicle. Needless to say, the brakes are one of the most vital parts of any motor vehicle. If you suspect that your vehicle’s brakes are not effectively doing their job, consider having them worked on by a professional. Our brake experts at Craig Auto Repair can check your brakes to ensure that your drives are safe and smooth.

The chassis is essentially the internal framework of a vehicle that is used to support the body and other essential parts of the vehicle like the wheels, engine, and suspension. If your chassis becomes damaged or weakened, your whole vehicle becomes weak. To ensure that you are driving a strong and properly working vehicle, have your car’s chassis inspected for damages and defects. At Craig Auto Repair, we have experienced undercar service providers who have the training it takes to safely work on your chassis.

The exhaust system in your motor vehicle is a piping used to move the exhaust fumes away from the engine and generally out the rear of your car or truck. A fully functioning exhaust system sounds much better than a faulty or damaged exhaust system. Not only do properly functioning systems sound better, they are better for your health, for the health of your vehicle, and for the environment. Our expert technicians at Craig Auto Repair can service your car’s exhaust system today.

The driveline is a part of your vehicle that connects both the engine and transmission to the wheel axles. If the driveline were to fail, your vehicle would not be able to move. Energy would no longer be transmitted from the engine to the wheel axels, and without that transfer of energy there is no motion. To avoid this issue, it is very important that you have your car’s driveline inspected and serviced regularly. Contact Craig Auto Repair today to have one of our certified technicians properly service your driveline.

As your tires age, they lose traction and begin to deteriorate from the inside out. This deterioration process increases the risk of one of your tires bursting. If one of your tires bursts while your vehicle is in motion, you could rapidly lose control of your vehicle. To ensure that your tires and other parts of your vehicle are in top working condition, contact Craig Auto Repair today.

Shocks, or shock absorbers, are mechanical devices that work to make rough roads feel smooth. Shock absorbers that are in proper working condition will dramatically reduce the bumps when traveling on rugged roads. This improves your overall ride quality and vehicle handling. Like every part of a motor vehicle, shocks require maintenance to address any problems they may develop. If driving on bumpy, poorly leveled roads seems unpleasant, your shocks may need some professional care. Visit Craig Auto Repair to have your shocks diagnosed and repaired.