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Our basic auto maintenance services include:

Oil, Lube, and Filter

If you want your vehicle to have a long, useful life, you need to maintain a steady service schedule. Everything under the hood of your car or truck works constantly to keep your vehicle running, and your oil is no exception. In fact, the oil in your vehicle serves a few essential purposes. First, and most importantly, the oil lubricates the many parts of your engine that work together. Lubrication helps those tiny components perform their jobs properly and without damage to your engine. With thousands of pieces moving together at incredibly fast rates, a lot of excess heat is produced. While the oil circulates through the engine for lubrication, it is simultaneously drawing the heat away from the engine. This helps to keep the temperature of the engine at a safe operating level.

You may be asking yourself if you can safely operate your vehicle without changing the oil at its recommended time. The answer is simply: no. Let us explain why. Visualize the oil circulating through your engine. It's working hard to both lubricate and cool down your engine. Every time the oil circulates through your engine, it collects little pieces of debris and dirt that can cause damage to your vehicle if left uncollected. Over time, these small pieces of debris add up and make the oil too dirty to be useful. That means that the oil is not lubricating or cooling your engine to the best of its ability. Without proper cooling solutions, the engine will eventually become too hot to function efficiently. If the dirty oil is left unchanged, different components of the engine could warp or break. Additionally, dirty oil does not collect all the debris that can damage your engine. For these reasons, we recommend regular oil and oil filter changes for your vehicles.

A damaged engine is a very expensive repair. If the entire engine shuts down, repairs could cost thousands of dollars. Luckily, regular oil changes are inexpensive and help prevent more serious issues with your vehicle.

Regular oil and filter changes are necessary to keep your engine running properly. For many drivers, getting an oil change every 5,000 miles will ensure that your engine lasts for however long you need it to. While 5,000 miles is a good guideline for the average driver, different factors determine whether you need to seek an oil change at a different time. We recommend consulting your owner's manual or one of our certified auto service technicians for further instruction and guidance.

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